Dlo pou Viv, new organization of young Haitian American professionals for clean water and education in Haiti

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Who we are: DlO POU VIV (H)20 is an organization, based on supplying portable water (drilling wells and rudimentary play pumps), to help bring an end to water disparities in Port-Au-Prince and its surrounding regions; by providing clean water to communities in need (community centers, including hospitals, schools and orphanages), and most effected by the 2010 earthquake and cholera outbreaks.  More importantly DPV aims to implement a social campaign through school based curriculum programs geared on PHASE (Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Education) that can be nationally recognized to help combat water born diseases from sanitation issues that the country faces.Our goal is to work with school aged children and begin an educational campaign. To target those out of school aged curriculum, the importance is in working with both the Media (TV, Radio and Print) as well as Social Networks. Educating the community for which the wells and play pumps will be placed is part of our goal to advance community interest in sustainable water, personal hygiene, sanitation, recycling and waste management initiatives. We hope to influence a generation through this social campaign that will be recognized and respected by both the Haitian government and private sectors.Though we are a new organization we are determined to continue to fight for and gain back the dignity of the Haitian people, We can't depend alone on international aid. We can’t think about development on the basis of charity, its has to render permanent entities. The road ahead of us is long, and obstacles may surface as we move forward. DPV is a group of young individuals both Haitian-American and West-Indian American that are committed to this cause. We are humbled and honored that the community has welcomed our ideas.DPV extends an invitation to all of our supporters for future events, both the younger and older generation. You can volunteer or participate  for upcoming events like; The 2 year Anniversary of the Earthquake Drive to be held in January and Walk For Water Day, to be  held in March.If you are interested in offering your expertise/advice in a required field, we are more then happy to have you join our team of volunteers. For those that cannot participate and would like to donate, donations for the organization can be made through our website at www.dlopouviv.org, checks or money orders can be mailed to P.O. BOX 300-178, Brooklyn, NY 11230. To keep up with our progress on a daily basis, you can find and "like" our page on Facebook(Dlo Pou Viv' H20 Water Project), follow us on twitter (Dlo Pou Viv) Or email us for any project related inquiries at [email protected] Best Regards, Soraya Denis, Founder


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