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Looking at Alpi’s paintings appears identical to leaping into a world of voluptuousness, lyricism, and finesse of the artist’s own making. At first, one has the feeling of being lost in a network of abstraction and even phantasmagoria at times. After an adaptation period, the images seem to progressively get in focus and the contours become sharper until the eyes start to distinguish familiar shapes and recognizable objects. From what seemed to be at first a field of undefined elements, the mind begins to distinguish leaves, flowers, butterflies and occasionally human figures or whatever the case may be.Those known elements are rendered with such intricacy that their presence, instead of appearing out of place, is rather a natural element of the whole. Each unit is conceived to add momentum to the soothing effect of the entire piece that engulfs the onlookers into a deep contemplation where all their spiritual and emotional qualities are harnessed in order to allow them to reach the acme of awareness bringing perfect communication with the art pieces in question.What strike the most in Alpi’s works are the minute details, neatness, and graphic qualities of his imagery. One is mesmerized by his display of calligraphic virtuosity that reminds us the likes of CY Twombly and Mark Tobey’s works. His works also suggest our most skilled women’s needle works as seen in their awe inspiring embroidered pieces such as skirts, bed covers, table cloths and so forth.This is only one aspect of Alpi’s creations. As he admitted, he produces painting of different styles depending of the mood he is in. At times he would complete a series of still life and later on switch to landscapes until he would be ready for something else. No matter what stands on his easel, Alpi will show the same passion for perfection, fine details, and harmony between the different elements of the composition until the anticipated point of satisfaction is reached leaving no possibility to even add a dot.First and foremost, Alpi wants his artwork to be a journey where he attempts to capture the elusive beauty of nature even if he has to rearrange reality, to substitute one element with another in order the exhibit the inerrant beauty hidden inside the subject. Thus the role of the artists, as Alpi’s oeuvre seems to reveal, becomes the one of conjurers striving to fascinate us with their gift for well crafted and beautiful creative outputs where abstraction and verisimilitude amalgam in some sort of secret formulas incorporating common and also unfamiliar aesthetic ingredients.So far the “Ecole de la beaute” remains a major influence in Alpi’s artistic career. Contrarily, however, to many other painters who adhere to the group, Alpi uses with circumspection their signature idioms consisting mainly of stylized women’s profiles with heads wrapped with fancy scarves and overlapping with amorphous entities.This happens because Alpi proves to be before all a colorist eschewing anecdotes, propaganda, and story telling for the benefit of art for art’s sake. As an artist, he commits himself entirely to a world of beauty, love, peace and perfection. He wants his artwork to be an elegy to poetry, happiness, and harmony as opposed to ugliness, hatred and brutality.Each one of Alpi’s paintings, whether it depicts a visionary world, a hyperrealist still life, or a bucolic landscape, stands in fact as a vista to another world, an ideal universe, where life is led in peace, in a state of bliss, and in an idyllic setting, as reflected in his choice of warm and cool hues that he blends or juxtaposes in the most harmonious and lyrical effect.
Group Art Exhibition in Pomona, NY, showcasing works by Alphonse Piard (Alpi), Dominik Ambroise, Fred Thomas, Levoy Exil etc. from Dec 4 2011 - Jan 15, 2012 Opening Reception Dec 4, 2011 5:00 - 8:00 pm @ Pomona Cultural Center Curated by Tjokorda Gde Arsa Artha


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