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May 4, 2011
Press Contact:  
Haitian Diaspora Federation (HDF)                 
Yve-Car Momperousse, HDF Communications
[email protected]
Haitian Congress
Aline Lauture, Executive Director
[email protected] 
haitiancongress.org . haitiancongresspac.org
Action Alert: Haitian Dual Citizenship Up For Vote in Four Days
Parliament must pass dual citizenship or it will be five years before it can be voted on
The Haitian Congress for Civic Engagement (PAC) and The Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti, an organizational member of The Haitian Diaspora Federation (HDF), have worked arduously to petition members of Haitian Parliament in an effort to secure support for dual citizenship.  "It is imperative that parliament amend the 1987 Haitian Constitution to grant Haitian citizenship to Haitians who have adopted the citizenship of other nations and to children who are born to a Haitian mother or father. Haiti has lost a number of its sons and daughters who have an immense reservoir of human resources and who can have a considerable economic impact on the country" says Judge Lionel Jean-Baptiste, a board member for the Haitian Diaspora Federation and the Haitian Congress.
Judge Jean-Baptiste and a team from the Haitian Congress organized several key events in Haiti this past week. Press conferences were held with members of the Haitian press including Radio/Television Metropole, Radio Caraibes, Television National, Radio/Television Teleginen, Radion Vision 2000, Radio Kiskeya, Signal FM, Le Nouvelliste. The group also ran television ads in Haiti and coordinated with Minister Joseph Jasmin, Minister of Liaison between the Executif and the Legislative, to distribute informational packets on dual citizenship to Haitian Senators and Députés. A cocktail event at Karibe engaged citizens and Haitian elected officials. The Haitian Congress and HDF also spoke atJournée de la Diaspora (Day of the Diaspora) and met several times with Minister Edwin Paraison, Minister of Haitians Living Abroad, to rally decision makers around dual citizenship.
As a final call to action, the Haitian Congress appeals to the Haitian Diaspora and those with direct and indirect relationships with Haitian Parliament to reach out and make a final request that the 49th Legislature votes the appropriate amendments into law so that Haiti can reemerge as a thriving nation. Barring prolonged discussions, the amendment is expected to be voted on in five (4) days when the the first session of the 49th Legislature closes on Monday, May 9th. If dual citizenship is not passed this week, it will be five years before the next opportunity presents itself. The Haitian Diaspora has yearned for this constitutional amendmentfor years. The Haitian Diaspora Federation and the Haitian Congress must now count on the patriotic spirit of the honorable members of parliament to make dual citizenship a reality for all Haitians. For more information, please visit http://www.haitiancongresspac.org/
The mission of the Haitian Diaspora Federation  is  to serve as a unified voice for the Haitian Diaspora in order to help create a stronger and more prosperous and equitable Haiti by mobilizing Haitian Diaspora resources to address the Reconstruction, Sustained Economic Growth and Development of Haiti.
The mission of the Haitian Congress is to mobilize ourselves as Haitians in the Diaspora to help develop Haiti. To strengthen and organize our human and material resources, our children, friends and allies of Haiti to make a positive contribution towards the creation of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Haiti where we, as Haitians in the Diaspora can reintegrate ourselves into the life of our country.

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