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"RAFRECHI I was pleasantly surprised at how the group sounded when I walked up to listen to them at LNDJ last night. They were playing as if they were veterans in the business for many many years. The funny thing is when I spoke to keyboardists CED and MICK, as well as co-vocalist KIKI about their show, they apparently were NOT happy about their performance. A couple of them even gave themselves a score of 6, which in my opinion for an upcoming band is NOT bad. The group needs to expose the band outside of their home state of MARYLAND in order to help the group climb the HMI ladder. THEY HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL if things are done on a full time scale instead of halfway. Keep it up because I did enjoy your performance. The two vocalists have great chemistry together upfront, and kudos to KIKI who in my opinion has a great command of the stage.
FABRICE FOMBRUN FABRICE FONBRUM in my opinion delivered with the music on stage, but due to them not rehearsing enough, it did not translate the whole package/performance the way that it should have. To start with, Fabrice's microphone was acting up and we had a tough time listening to his vocals at the beginning, and also there was even an instance when one of the female dancers apparently was not sure "when" she had to come in to do one of her routines. Having said that, I thought the songs were good choices, starting off with a brief intro of the NEXT HMI STAR 1 song winner "Jou Ma Merite'l", and then going into an uptempo number. The 2 dancers also did NOT come through with anything memorable in terms of "WOW" factor, that could have taken the performance/act to another level visually. Having said that, I thought Fabrice did better than how he thought he did last night, because he was not a happy camper after the performance. Fabrice...RELAX, you have a long way ahead of you, so your hmi career is on the right track.
HARMONIK To the surprise of many, the group that many expected weren't going to bring anything serious to the event; the group that quite a few felt did NOT deserve this spot at LNDJ this year because they were there last year, and really had no material to justify their pick again this year; they are the ones that delivered the best show visually at the event. HARMONIK got on the stage as if they had heard rumblings about them being chosen over a band like KREYOL LA in the show, and they were on a mission to prove something. HARMONIK's intro caught many's attention from the word go. They went to their first single "JERE'M" after that, and to my surprise, the response was very very good, considering how old the song is. They also played "HO Parleur", and then went into OVER DRIVE mode when they brought up ALISON HINDS on stage to perform their new single "LET'S GO". ALISON started it with her mega international hit song "ROLL IT GAL", and then from there her and her dancers, as well as HARMONIK proceeded to give the fans a SHOW. A SHOW they did give, and from there, they had the crowd in the palm of their hands until the end of their set. HARMONIK knew from the beginning that from all 3 headliners, they had the possibility of being the weakest link to the show, due to their lack of new material, and a brand new single that has just been released, but they took that disadvantage and turned it into their ace card last night...and they focused 16 minutes of their set to that new song. GREAT MOVE. It paid off big time.
CARIMI Carimi gongist ALEX THEBAUD basically lowered my expectation of the show that CARIMI was going to bring to LNDJ a few hours before the show during an interview. That is understandable because CARIMI had pulled out of LNDJ 48 hours ago, only to return to the event 24 hours later. They had to call an emergency rehearsal on Friday night in order to come up with something for the show. The group undeniably had one of the loudest crowd reactions throughout the night. They also "tweaked" a couple of things from their usual set for the show, such as bringing the guy that sings the Arabic song intro to BUZZ, and they even had MICKAEL Guirand do a very special "GOUYAD" show for the ladies. The band was on fire PERFORMANCE wise, and they had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hands; but having said that, they did not really bring too much in terms of "new" stuff in terms of a VISUAL show. It was almost the same as going to a regular CARIMI concert. Don't get me wrong, the band was FIRE, and probably got the loudest reaction JUST FOR THE MUSIC for the night, but that was it. THE MUSIC. All in all, they did deliver and I enjoyed the show.
TVICE The group came on stage with OLIVIER on center stage singing a couple of notes, then the group went into an intro before they went into "EPI'M PA BON". They rocked the house with their rendition of that track. They also pulled out their carnival medley to close out the show, and that still got a good reaction from the crowd as well. One thing that did catch my attention was when TVICE started playing "TELL ME WHY", Roberto then stopped the song about 1 minute into the track, and asked Reynaldo to do something else; not sure if it's because the reaction was not what he wanted, or if it's because time was running out, so they had to get to the carnival medley as quickly as possible to end the show. They did go into "TOI ET MOI" after that, which also got a very good crowd reaction. T-VICE basically delivered a very good show, and just like CARIMI, had the crowd in the palm of their hands, but also like CARIMI, they did not stray too far from what you usually get from a TVICE concert. It was a solid TVICE show with a couple of tweaks in there. The "GOUYAD" skit from the Vice crew also had the ladies going crazy. ______________________________________________________________________________________ *While CARIMI and T-VICE might have had the best crowd reaction BASED ON THE MUSIC ONLY, I can tell you that HARMONIK had both the CROWD REACTION, as well as the VISUAL SHOW. They delivered solidly on BOTH ends, and in my opinion, because of the ALISON HINDS part of their show, edged out the two big HMI heavyweights last night at LNDJ in terms of "Total Package" for a show. TVICE and CARIMI did not goo too far out of their usual comfort zone, whereas HARMONIK probably spent more money on their show than both groups, in order to represent at LNDJ...and YES IT PAID OFF, and their 16 Minute set with ALISON HINDS with their new song "Let's Go" had a lot to do with it. *They had 3 fights last night that we saw, including a major one by the backstage area that threatened to put an end to the show. *KAKO did a great job as the host of the event. He did NOT try to take over the show. He came on, did his job, was funny, lively, and kept it moving. GREAT JOB by KAKO. *Quite a few promoters were at the event. While from what I could see, the place looked packed, and from what I got from Jaz Enterprise affiliate, NIVENS of YOUNG QUALITY, he told me the event was sold out, 3 HMI promoters in the New York area that were there, begged to differ with the sold out issue. *LNDJ remains one of the most important events on the HMI calendar every year. Last night was just another example of that based on the turnout, and how the partygoers were "ON" in terms of partying in the City. I have yet to be at a LNDJ event in which I have not enjoyed myself. This edition was no different, as a matter of fact, it was one of the best LNDJ events that we attended. GOOD JOB JAZ ENTERPRISE! *The majority of the HMI promoters there felt that there was no doubt that CARIMI announcing that they had pulled out of the show 48 hours earlier, had a major impact on the show. They felt that even when they came back, it was not enough time to get the word back out that they were back in the show. * A couple of the headliners felt that they did not get enough time to play, and they think it's because of all the other acts that are added during the show. *One of the bands was complaining about the HEAT from the light on stage. That heat had them uncomfortably sweating from the beginning of their set until the end. All in all, it was a great show, and it is one of the best times that we've had at an HMI event where we had no problems whatsoever, whether it be with press passes, access everywhere without any questions from anybody and more. On that end we say THANK YOU TO JAZ ENTERPRISE for that. We had a great time last night. KM!


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